Maximising parental support

Teachers do not have the time to communicate with a large number of parents on a regular basis. Yet parents would provide better support to their child if they were kept informed more often. For various reasons, phone calls to parents can be unnecessarily time consuming and school reports are relatively infrequent.

Using text messaging, teachers can inform parents far more frequently; putting pupils under constant pressure. At the same time, parents can also be notified to praise their child for good progress at school.

Each text message is automatically personalised to include the pupils name. As there is no need to type each message or any part of it, they are sent immediately with immense ease.

Hover over these example messages to see what your school could start doing:

Excellent Test Result
Praising pupils
Poor behaviour
Reporting Punctuality
Coursework deadlines/follow ups
Exam Dates
Incorrect Uniform
Reminders (parents evening, open evenings, after school classes)